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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
1:27 PM

Same Girl, Same Everything Else


Often times we find entertainers taking themselves a wee bit too seriously. Catchy, but depth-less pop tunes can suddenly become self-esteem building anthems or modern-day freedom songs depending on the ego of a given artist. Some artists drunk off that 'I Love Me Juice' will foolishly liken themselves to political leaders, activists, or some cases, religious figures in the press, making them a walking example of delusions of grandeur. And then, you have those that go just a bit extra when promoting their latest project via press releases. Such is the case for gifted video director, Lil X.

Once in a lifetime do two mega stars come together. Rarely do such people put aside difference and ego and show the bravery and confidence needed to do something together. And when it happens the people stop, listen and watch. For a moment the world stops and the fans love every moment of it.

This song is a fun twist of fate. Rarely do we hear the fellas tell of being two timed and played. Never out the mouths of sex symbols like R. Kelly and Usher. But here they are. Saying it for the world to hear. Some woman has gotten the best of both of them (what she look like?). The video plays it all out for us to see what we hear, with a little twist at the end that we don’t hear on the record…

Video Director: Little X

Bravery and confidence? Really, though? You would think Pissy and Usher just came from Iraq, Darfur, Baltimore, or Southeast D.C. and not some heavily guarded and likely quite expensive video set. Ahh yes, two millionaires and label mates collaborate on another trite R&B song for the masses to fawn over as if they haven't heard the same lyrics and beat from Black Zorro 80 times within the last three years already. Where is their Purple Heart?

"Rarely do we ever hear the fellas tell of being two timed and played?" Isn't that the premise of about 8,000 R&B songs by male artists, some of which include tracks by the both of them?

Sample lyrics from verse 1:

Yo Ush
What up Kells

Wanna introduce you to this girl, think I really love this girl
Yeah Man she so fine
Straight up dawg
She stand about 5’4” coke cola red bone

She drives a black Durango license plate say “Angel” tattoo on her ankle
Plus she’s making pesos she got a crib on Peace street right on 17th street
And I call her “TT”
Wait a minute hold on dawg do she got a kid?

Isn't R.Kelly 40?! He is adamant about being that old man in the club that won't leave, isn't he?

The chorus:

We messing with the same girl same girl
How could the love of my life, and my potential wife be the Same girl same girl
Man I can’t believe that we’ve been messing with the
Same girl same girl
Thought she someone that I can trust but she’s been doubling up with us
You can't, man we’ve been messing with the same girl

No wonder Kells considers himself the MLK of his generation.

One's a child molester, the other likes to date women old enough to be his great aunt. I suppose I should quit hating and compliment them on putting their age differences aside to pretend that they'd both actually date a woman the same age.

Spotted @ Crunk + Disorderly.


The Cynical Ones.
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