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Friday, February 13, 2009
2:11 PM

'Ye Says


As you all know, gay people are the worst inhabitants of the Earth. Far more evil than terrorists, twice as annoying as bill collectors, and three times the sexual deviant as a prostitute, homos are to be feared, hated, and most of all, disrespected. Anyone who dares to show compassion or even worse, acceptance, of their wretched lifestyle must be rebuked.

Enter Kanye West, who has the nerve to treat someone different from him as a human being.

What the fuck? Did he just say gay people aren't aliens? He must be doing the booty do with John Legend.

Of course, since Kanye West has decided to treat gay people like, I don't know, people, the responses under the video were typical:
tdot kanye is a bottimon

this nigga keep talkin bout gay people,i think kiara fat

Kanye is a fuckin fag!



Fuck the gays kanye, I know for a fact u aint gay, but your too much of a nice nigga.

A couple of thoughts:

1. Is bottimon the same as batty boy?
2. Who is Kiara?
3. Dude could have done better than Kangay, right?
4. Actually, I don't believe Kanye gangbanged anything either.
5. @ that last comment: This is why you shouldn't drink when you're pregnant. Red wine is OK, not red wine coolers or strawberry margaritas, fam.

I know 50 Cent, Sandra Rose, and a couple of other people are leading the charge, but I don't think Kanye West is gay. Does he spaz out like he owns his very own tiara? Yes, though that not a homo make. Tell you the truth, there are a bunch of big burly ass dudes that have sex with women every day they can that throw tantrums and bitch fits like little girls. We don't call them gay so why do we automatically assume Kanye is? Because he dresses better?

Some days I can't stand Kanye, but that can probably be attributed to me falling for what he's selling at any given moment. He says outlandish things for attention. It works. At the same time, when you see videos like this it reminds me that he's very much different from most rappers out there and that his point of view is something that ought to be presented more often into public forum.

He's the only male celebrity I can think of that's said something remotely close to anything that's anti-domestic violence, and the fact that he's secure enough in his manhood to say gay people are no threat to him proves he's far more progressive than half of the homophobic female bashing rappers who constantly tell another man to suck their dick on wax.

Most rappers hate women, and thus, they hate gay men, due to the unfortunate belief that homosexuality and feminity are one in the same. As I've gotten older I've found that strangely ironic considering for every stereotype these rappers throw out about gay men, they tend to fit themselves. Take their obsession with jewelry, or being greased out like a piece of meat on their album covers, always surrounding themselves by a big group of men. All that shit is gay.

And for everyone's jokes about Kanye's style (which I'm not exactly a fan of either, but hey, it's not me and my money, who cares), why do so many rappers know so much about women's shoes? It's like half of them are channeling Al Bundy something serious with their vast knowledge of designer stilettos. They also know about handbags -- usually more than my own mama. The past two years far too many hip hop and R&B hits from men have sounded like jingles written my Macys and Saks.

A lot of mainstream hip hop is largely some extended mix of the "Do The Homie" dance from The Boondocks. Yet the minute someone steps outside of that linear view of how a Black man should behave, they're the gay ones. It's hypocritical, it's stupid, it reminds me that some people need to read more.

'Ye may be a mama's boy, but I get the feeling he's far more into sucking some girl's titty than he is some dude's peen. I'm not certain the same can be said for half of hip hop, nor for half the clowns hiding behind a computer screen typing the word faggot.

The Cynical Ones.
posted by Michael at