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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
4:59 PM

Help Me: Solange


Dear Michael,

It is so hard to be an ART-ist.

People can be so judgmental when you’re different.
And really, who is more different than me?

Think about your answer long and hard.

Right. I thought so.
I am so different which is why people continue to HATE.

Just because I don’t conform to what PEOPLE think I should look like I get all of this negative energy.

Be happy with yourself and you should be happy about me because I am DIFFERENT and different should mean WONDERFUL. But no society teaches you that being different is wrong so when you depart from traditional things people attack you.


Like if I want to rock Reynolds Wrap as a dress than let me be MYSELF. I don’t say anything when you use it to cook so don’t worry about me baking on the red carpet.

No one trashed Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, so don’t knock my remix! Matching ain’t for everybody, people. Expand your minds!

You don’t have to appreciate my swagger, but appreciate that I am being different and that is a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Now as for all of this controversy surrounding my “ATTITUDE” – I don’t know what to say.

Can’t you see how DISRESPECTFUL she was? FOX is so racist and just because that woman is Black doesn’t change that with her rude ass. Smiling at me, giving me a warm introduction, pretending she respects my wishes by not asking me 80 questions about my sister. That bitch ain’t SLICK.
As I said on my MySpace BLOG I told my mgt that I didn’t want to go on any Fox station because they are racist.

Do you see that? RACISM IS STILL ALIVE!

They are lucky that despite loving Bjork I follow Dr. King’s non-violent approach to life. YES WE CAN…beat that ass. But I am a mother and I cannot behave as immaturely as Fox. I don’t know why anyone thinks I should apologize.

What should I apologize for? For speaking my mind? For defending my family? For following Kanye West’s lead and standing up?

Now people are trying to drag me to media training. I don’t need media training. What is media training supposed to do? Make me like everyone else and offer cookie cutter answers?

That isn’t me. I don’t bit my tongue.

I am non-conformist, which is a fancier way of saying I am DIFFERENT.

My personality is different. My clothes are different. And most of all my MUSIC is different.

I am all about the music and just because I do interviews doesn’t mean I have to beg people to like me or give them a reason to buy my stuff.

It should be about the MUSIC, and even if I do an interview that doesn’t include a performance wherein they can judge my music that does not mean people should focus on my looks or personality.

Don’t ask me what I’m trying to say, my job isn’t to make sense it’s to make MUSIC.

Either love me or leave me alone.

People don’t know the whole story and we have to educate ourselves. As I said here, Fox and TMZ are affiliates and that is why I can’t stand outlets like them. Be different: WATCH CNN!

F*ck FOX! I curse a lot. Haha. I’m so bad.

And while I have you I hope you’re learning about Obama and this important moment in our history. He has a dream!

Excuse my ranting. I am done now.

Sunny days and starry nights to you!

Go out and be different…but don’t jock me or Jay-Z!

Signed Sincerely,



Dear Solange,

After watching you kirk out on YouTube, I took your album back and bought some Chick-Fil-A. I’d rather eat chicken with my money than throw it at a girl that’s squawking like one.

Don’t be mad. You don’t care about sales, remember? I mean you did say you wanted your album to be a success, but maybe you just meant musically. Either way look on the bright side: After I got my money back on your CD, I ordered something DIFFERENT on Chick-fil-A’s menu. Obama is the him for you, right? Well, that sandwich was change I can believe in.

You are about as different as a redneck with a southern accent. Doing Motown isn’t a new idea, and neither is mismatching. But to be honest, I agree that it shouldn’t matter how you look or your personality, but that’s not the world we live in. If people don’t like you, they’re not going to buy your album.

If you hated the industry that much, why did you sign to a major label? Is the one you signed to the nicer conglomerate as opposed to the other 4?

You make it so difficult to ignore your personality and focus just on your music. Maybe you ought to give media training some thought. You could learn a lot from it. Fun and interesting things like media ownership. That way when you put down TMZ and big up CNN, you’ll realize they both share the same parent company.

Or let’s say when you clown Fox on MySpace: You’ll know that you’re venting about a network on a sister company’s platform.

You can learn all of these fun facts and more! Or even better you will understand that it’s better to think before you speak, so you’ll know when it’s appropriate to correct an anchor. By doing so, you won’t miss out on a chance to be known as a great performer and a welcomed addition to the bland music scene instead of being marginalized as a spoiled brat.

When you already have things going against you, isn’t it better to try and win people over? You don’t have to be fake to get ahead. Just try not to act like your shoulders aren’t named Frito and Lay.

You could probably care less about what I and others have to say and that’s too bad. But I hope you fire whoever told you that you’d get far having Janet’s attitude with Rebe’s success.

P.S. Oh yeah, I heard about your first week sales. The record industry released a remix. It’ll be featured on the second tier of next week's Billboard 200. The lyrics go: “F*ck you, too. Signed Sincerely.”

P.S.S. Actually, Rebe’s done more than you. I just checked Wiki.


The Cynical Ones.
posted by Michael at