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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
12:45 PM

You Need To Get


Far be it from me to tell someone when to let go of someone they're likely not to have to themselves, but I can say if you're going to cling to hope, it may not be in your best interest to reveal some obvious unresolved feelings at the club over a microphone.

What's that line she usually shouts the loudest when performing "Let It Go?" "If he ain't gonna love you/the way he should/then let it go?"

Yeah, maybe. Or not. Whatever. Like I said, I'm in no position to talk about anyone in that area. Still, Keyshia has a lot going for her. She doesn't look like Big Red's daughter anymore, she has two platinum albums under her belt, and she's managed to go gold with her third album already without the benefit of a hit single. Oh and her show is making people across the nation go, "Damn. I thought I had it bad." Do you know what kind of numbers that sentiment probably pulls in for a show? It must be high because every episode I turn on features a new relative being taken in and a new condo purchased.

Keyshia ought to be happy...in public anyway. You can tell Old Jeezy really broke her heart by acting as if their thing was never that heavy. I know what that's like. You tend to become a little obsessed about it.

So much you start going into random tangents about how you're single in front of strangers.

That's OK, Keyshia. You're gonna be alright. You only have to remember this: "If he ain't gonna love you, the way he should, then let it go...or at least sob in private." That and you have to realize after one too many drinks microphones are your mortal enemy.

P.S. I know some of ya'll are watching this, smiling to yourselves thinking, "YES! I'm about to get a sad Keyshia back!" Quit that.

The Cynical Ones.
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