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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
10:01 AM

Bitch, Grow Up: Juan Williams


Juan Williams is one of those Black people I wish you could bitch slap the Black off of. You would think after years of saying some of the most insidious comments about race, class, and politics on Fox News Juan might be compelled to finally start making an ounce of sense.

That’s what I get for still holding on to optimism. Some people can’t be saved especially those that work for Fox News. Juan has to earn that paycheck so he has to make sure he utters the most nonsensical bullshit to secure airtime.

“How many lives have sacrificed to the cause of liberating Iraq?

Liberate Iraq? I don’t recall Iraqis ever asking us to “liberate” them via an invasion and occupation. Besides, wasn’t the whole point of the war to stop Saddam from using his nonexistent nuclear weapons?

I wonder how many Iraqi lives were lost in a war for profit that was guised as an effort to thwart nuclear war.

“We’d never treat their leader in that way.”

Not that I’m a fan, but we executed Saddam Hussein. Of course, we’re the reason he had all of those chemical weapons to begin with, but I suppose that doesn’t matter now.

“The act of an ingrate.”

I can’t stand when Black people in particular say some bullshit like this. Earlier this year Pat Buchanan wrote that Black people ought to be more grateful as white people have done more for Blacks than other race on Earth.

And last year Pope Benedict told Brazilians that despite what history tells them Christianity was never imposed on them by a foreign culture, then proceeding to bash their way of life pre-colonization.

This is the exact same thing to me.

“I would’ve punched the guy.”

And he probably would’ve shoved his socks down your throat.

Juan Williams, today’s fool of the day.


The Cynical Ones.
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