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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
12:02 AM

Act Cocky, Look Crazy,Talk Stupid


My ears, my eyes --- both burn at the sound of her voice and the sight of her thighs.

I’m sorry. That wasn’t very nice. It’s not as mean as that pose, but you know what I’m saying.

Anywho, Khia is one of those artists that compensates their marginal talent with a massive ego. The type of person that if you told them they could two step on cue, they would take it as you dubbing them the next Michael or Janet Jackson.

I like her business savvy and independent spirit, but in Khia’s mind, she is a creative genius for producing such marvels as “My Neck, My Back” and “Ass Talk” (Sidenote: That song title suggests gas, not the sexy.)

A creative genius who invokes fear in the hearts and minds of her competition, no less. Though she’s dead on about Trina and Jacki-O looking like the lost fools of Halloween, female rappers are selling about the same rate as pork chop sandwiches outside of mosques, so no female rapper should be jealous of any other one at this point. Everyone’s in the same boat sinking, so she’s a bit (throwed) off saying,”Them women’s was begging: Khia don’t end my career.”

I don’t know for sure if Khia is right about T.I. swagger jacking her songs for his, but I do agree that is easier for the major acts to bite off those on the underground. Surprised no tried to steal “Snatch The Cat Back” from her. It’s so catchy.

Not catchy enough to where she should think performing the three lines she breathed on Janet Jackson’s “So Excited” on stage would have magically altered the fate of Janet’s last flop, though.

While she may sound like her own stan for the most part, I will give Khia one thing: She’s right about Janet being wrong for going with “Call On Me” as the first single from 20 Too Old For That Y.O. I don’t know who told Janet that fake ass “Dilemma” was going to do anything, but hopefully they lost their speaking privileges.

I'm with her on that, but she lost me as soon as she said: “You Janet Jackson, bitch, you don’t need any promotion.”

That's the type of thinking that has Janet in the predicament she's in now.

The funniest part of this video isn’t Khia’s delusions of grandeur; it’s the YouTube posters stuck in 1993.

See, now Khia done messed up. When Janet goes on tour how much do you want to bet Khia's vocals will be stripped from the song. She could've had the opportunity to at least perform it on tour with Janet.

If Janet knows what’s good for her, she will keep her playlist set at 1997 on down.

Going on the record and dissing Janet Jackson is like committing musical suicide.

Watch out, Madonna.

Back to Khia: She should be happy the jungle she used as the backdrop of the picture above didn't snatch her back and leave Janet alone. Besides, if “Ass Talk” is any preview of what lies ahead for her musically, I'm not trying to hear anymore songs from her anyway. I’ll just stick to Fresh’s postings of her advice column. Ign’tness is bliss.


The Cynical Ones.
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