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Monday, February 11, 2008
4:47 PM

This Week In Bitch Shut Up


"Just because he wears a coofie (kufi) doesn't mean that he's bright/Cause you don't understand him don't mean that he nice/It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he writes/ Is it 'Oochie Wally' or is it 'One Mic?' Is it 'Black Girl Lost' or 'Shorty owe you for ice?'"

Nas is a poser. An attention whore who masks publicity stunts under the guise of calling attention to some cause. The cause more times than not is his album sales.

Since Hip Hop Is Dead didn't work, now Nasir is on to bigger, more controversial attention grabbing album titles. The pseudo hip hop intellectual showed how far he's willing to go on Grammy red carpet: He wore a shirt with the word NIGGER plastered over it. His wife, Kelis - ever praised for her fashion sense - abandoned her trademark eclectic look to embrace the light bill paying cause of her husband. Sweet.

Trying to explain his nonsense to the curious CNN reporter, Nas said something about ethnicities all sharing the experience of discrimination, blah blah blah. Then he said something about us all being niggers.

So profound.

Nas is that dude that gets a library card, reads two books, and suddenly think he's Cornel West.

Case in point, here's his thoughts of the upcoming presidential election:

"It's time for a new President to come in office and abolish this thing that only allows Black people to vote for another 23 years."

What the hell is he talking about? This is the same person who told people at a Central Park concert not to vote the last go 'round, so why would he care anyway?

Wait, voting is in again. I forgot. With Nas he goes wherever the wind blows. One day it's shake your ass, the next kids need to dream.

I'm going to start pretending he retired after Illmatic.

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