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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
9:37 AM

The Morning After


I would buy that kid a Happy Meal if I found out she kicked Hillary in the shin and ran from Secret Service. After standing in line for an hour and a half in a crowded elementary school to caucus, I was on high seeing so many Black people gathered for something unrelated to R. Kelly. Then I went home and watched the results.

Ohio: I'm not surprised. I have friends there, so I won't speak ill of the state.

Texas, however, I have free reign to clown. I am so disappointed in Texas. It's bad enough we gave the world George W. Bush -- now this.

I was really hoping this would all end last night, so that someone could tell Hillary to take her ass happy ass back to New York.

I know people will point to Obama's delegate lead and the fact that it's impossible for Hillary to catch up. I understand it's a number's game. Speak to Al Gore about the power of numbers, though.

The Clinton campaign's strategy is to win every major state the Democrats must win to secure the presidency. That and to close Obama's delegate lead to within 100 delegates in an effort to somehow boss hogg the nomination from the person who wins the most states, the most delegates, and the popular vote.

To be fair, to win states like Ohio is important, but arguing over California and New York is pretty silly to me. Unless a Democratic presidential candidate curses the entire population of each out, there's no way a Republican is going take those states away from the Democrats.

Though most people believe the will of the people should determine the results, past precedence has taught us that is not always the case, hence the need to keep the electoral college and the notion of superdelegates -- and the Supreme Court on occasion.

Considering her husband's legacy, certain policies, and her own negative methods of campaigning, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton. I don't care what anyone thinks. I cannot in good faith vote for her.

All politicians have some dirt on them, but this chick is Oscar the Grouch. I don't like John McCain either, but I'm not voting for her. I will write in Soulja Boy's name before I vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Cynical Ones.
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