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Monday, May 12, 2008
2:00 PM

Freakum Prom Dress


Poor Marche (Mar-shay, ya'll). All she wanted to do was throw on her dress, maybe hit the blunt, take a swig of that Patron + Koolaid and drop and give 'em fifty at her prom. Did they really have to arrest her?

If you haven't heard, a Houston teen was arrested after she reportedly kirked out on school officials denying her entrance into her senior prom and failing to give her a refund. Regardless of how I feel about her choice in prom dresses, if someone told me I couldn't enter my prom, then I would want my money back, too. I wouldn't be mad if she at least had someone sneak out some silverware for her to pawn.

I attended this high school, and words cannot capture just how proud I am at this very moment. We're getting national attention again, and not for something related to a certain now multi-millionaire football player. C'mon homie, we major! Sigh. By the time I graduated from Madison random pregnant girls walking around campus became the norm, so I can't say that I'm shocked about this.

Since we were often treated like we were graduating to cell block 8, I'm certain that she knew of the dress code in place, so with respect to the refund denial, this is all her bad.

The only thing that does get me is some of the comments I've read about her on various sites. Everyone is quick to call her a whore, stripper, ghetto this, hood that, etc. Ok, yeah, she's ghetto, but c'mon: These are the same styles promoted, validated, and glamorized in video and in print, so what do we expect of kids?

From the looks of her dress, while most people would liken her to a stripper, I'm almost certain in her eyes she was just trying to look like your typical celebrity.

I'm really not trying to excuse her behavior. I'm pretty sure she acted a true fool that night, was very disrespectful, and probably perpetuated every loud, ghetto, ign't stereotype there is. But I find it interesting that so many people are quick to call her a whore, but when Beyonce, Britney, and Rihanna do it, people almost deify them.

I'm conflicted, because on one end, she does look like she's headed for the pole as soon as the prom wraps up. But, most girls her age are more likely to be taught the value of weave than they are about the importance of self-worth, so what do we expect?

The Cynical Ones.
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