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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
2:58 AM

I Need Her


Some blog readers have asked me if there’s anyone I actually like. I usually respond with “No! I hate everything and everyone. Now add your name to the ‘I don’t like your ass’ list for asking me that dumb question!”

You know, it’s really not my fault the industry is filled with short yellow bus riders, stroke tongue survivors, victims of Ursula the Sea Witch, fake thugs, and even faker stripper-themed Barbies. Don’t be mad at me; be mad at the A&R reps who signed them.

Believe it or not there are people that have come out within the past few years that I don’t want deported. With that, I want to take the time to acknowledge someone I do like without making any smart ass comments (about the artist at least). Indeed miracles do happen. For those of you giving me the gas face: Don’t worry, I’ll be back to clowning.

I’ve been following Jazmine Sullivan after downloading a couple of songs I found on message boards (be easy, label folks – I’m going to buy her album). What really piqued my interest was her cover of “Resentment.” As talented a vocalist as Beyonce is, there are certain songs of hers I can’t join the stans in salivating over because when it comes to conveying pain, Beyonce’s not really believable. I imagine the only relative pain she’s ever been through was the one time she had to give Solange the big piece of chicken – and no matter how gifted a vocal arranger she is, it shows. "Resentment" is one of those songs.

By contrast, when I listen to Jazmine’s version of the song, I can feel the emotion. I love her voice. It sets her a part from everyone else out now. I didn’t really get the Lauryn Hill comparisons at first, but I gather it’s that both have a sort of raspy tinge to their voices.

You can hear it on Jazmine’s first single, “Need U Bad.” I love this song. So much. Earlier today I turned the radio on and they were playing it. I was expecting to here “Looka Boy” for the 20th time (it came on right after, though). Am I the only one that will show out like I actually have talent when I really feel the song? I was slamming on the steering wheel singing like I was about to collect a check. I’m pretty sure fools were driving by thinking, “Look at that fool!”

I’on care. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve heard a song from a credible singer hitting notes that don’t sound like they were inspired by Curious George or Rosie from the Jetsons? I’m going to bask in the moment for as long as I can. I really hope Clive and 'nem promote her. J Records has a habit of sometimes only promoting people named Alicia, so I really hope they don't screw her over. If someone told me R&B had cancer, I'd believe them so I really need J to be on their dean. We need more artists like Jazmine (and Teedra Moses, by the way).

Now love her, folk. Love her now.

The Cynical Ones.
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