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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
12:00 AM

Don't Blame Him


I can’t stand women like her. In her warped sense of reality her interpretation of Christianity affords her the right to be discriminatory towards people different from her. She wouldn’t know Jesus if he bitch slapped her with a ham sandwich. Normally, I try to ignore people like this, but since some of these yokels actually vote, you can’t ignore them altogether (at least until we get the results).

Until Sunday, I hadn’t heard any major political figure respond to the question of whether or not Barack Obama was a Muslim with, “So what if he was?” Thankfully, Colin Powell said what I was hoping one of the presidential candidates would say: There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim.

When I grew up, I was usually considered the oddball around Black folk just for being raised Catholic amid a sea of Baptists. I can only imagine what it’s like being a Muslim – especially now when the terms Muslim and terrorist have become interchangeable.

One of my favorite people from Howard is Muslim. She is one of the kindest, funniest, most sincere people I have ever met. Just yesterday I was talking about this video and she joked with me about how she’s seen and heard everything – including some people secretly tricking her into going to a revival.

As long as I’ve known my friend not once has she imposed her religious beliefs on me. Not once has she ever referred to me as an infidel. Not once have I ever asked her something idiotic (I don’t think).

But to this woman, all of my friend’s good qualities would be negated by her belief in Islam. Same for Obama’s mother being agnostic. Last time I checked no agnostics started a holy war. If I knew where this woman lived I would show up at her doorstep dressed like Malcolm X. Or Bishop Don Juan.

I think at the core, both Islam and Christianity are religions of peace, good will, and all of that stuff that would make Barney, Big Bird, and Mother Winslow smile. Too bad backwards, bucktooth (takes one to know one), big mouth jackasses bastardize both faiths and bring shame to both faith’s followers.

One could ask this woman if she’s so gung ho about following her faith to the letter, why would she be supporting John McCain? Where the McCain campaign labels Barack’s “redistribution of wealth” comments as socialism Christ would call fair play; last time I checked, aiding the poor was his thing.

Then there’s the war, which probably isn’t going over too well right now up there. You could also point to John McCain and Sarah Palin running a racially divisive campaign that attempts overcome their shortfalls by playing on the prejudices of dimwits like her.

But no, that would all make too much sense, and would require her to actually think about Christ and then come to the realization of how unchristian she truly is.

Jesus be her recurring nightmare of an Obama administration.

P.S. While I have you, if there are any Muslims reading can one of you explain to me what’s with Muslims for McCain? That’s like Klansman for Jesse Jackson.

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