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Thursday, November 06, 2008
2:54 PM

I Encourage Comments (No Really, I Do!)


I could lie and say I respect everyone's opinion, but that isn't true. I respect the right of people to say the dumbest shit they can think of out loud if the feeling strikes them, but I don't have to respect any given opinion itself.

Case in point this comment left by anonymous (I love it when people say stuff like this under anonymity):
to even compare gays to black is ignorant. its wrong and it will always be wrong to be gay. no one said they couldn't be together, have civil unions or domestic partnership you just can't get married. that is between a man and a woman. sorry. :(
1. Yeah, I didn't compare the struggles of gay people to that of Blacks. One group was enslaved, the other wasn't. I'm well aware of the differences. What I pointed out was the irony in one minority group helping push the discrimination of another.

In no way did I imply denying a marriage license to Bow Wow and Omarion is the same thing as making them work the fields and telling them they're not a whole person.

Discrimination is discrimination. That was my point in case it was missed.

Read. If you didn't catch it the first time, read it again.

2. Actually, people are saying civic unions and domestic partnerships are wrong are actively campaigning to do away with them, hence some states trying to do away with common law marriages so any possibly legal points gay marriage advocates can make will become null and void. Honestly, I don't think churches should be forced to marry any type of couple, though when it comes to the state officiating, mind yours.

3. I don't think many people understand the true history of marriage. It's cute that Hallmark sold you the dream that it's always been about love and commitment, but that's about as true as the notion that originally big nose, nappy haired Michael Jackson bust a nut in a woman (ha!) and created two 110% white babies. Marriage was born out of the need to establish property rights. It was about love alright...love of $$$. Propose to your significant other with a deed if you're that hung up on tradition.

4. 'Being gay is wrong.' So is not having a clue, yet idiots run amok. It is what it is.

Some of my best friends are some of the most religious people on the planet. My family is extremely religious. As much as I love all those people, there a whole lot of ya'll that don't know your Bible from your condom wrapping.

There are some people I know who know their stuff, and that I can respect. I don't have to agree with you, but I do appreciate people taking the time to educate themselves on their belief system.

Then you have everyone else, which makes up the majority. The folks that don't know shit but profess to be Biblical scholars because they sit in the pews of the church every week. They 'know' Christianity, yet can't tell you anything substantive, but they can damn sure tell you "My pastor says" when challenged.

One of my biggest gripes is that far too many people use religion as an excuse to not think for themselves. Or think at all, for that matter. I'm not God, but I imagine if God wanted play things that just stood there brainless God would've beat Mattel to create the Barbie and Ken Dolls. Then again maybe a lot of these people walking around are just defective models.

Maybe it doesn't seem like it, but I make a real effort on here and in person to try to scale back my harsher opinions in an effort not to offend. Sometimes I don't know why I bother given most people don't make that same effort.

I could go on and on and on about this, but to be honest, I doubt the point would even shine through. People wouldn't stop eating shrimp, they wouldn't look the history of the word abomination, nor would they see that those who work on the Sabbath are stoned to death. They wouldn't kill their disobeying kids, widows wouldn't marry their dead husband's brother, and they surely wouldn't turn over all of their money to the poor.

No, everyone will sit there and be a hypocrite. I'm glad Obama got elected, but limiting the rights of others be it gays, women, or Blacks (look up the legislation thrown out there this year) is wrong.

Just as wrong and hypocritical as a white convicted felon getting re-elected to the Senate when we all know if a Black man were in that same predicament he probably wouldn't be allowed to vote let alone run for any public office. People only object to double standards when it affects them personally.

I believe in God but I don't think the Devil is some clown with horns in a tight ass red suit. It's a dumb ass hiding between anonymity and a Bible they don't read let alone understand to excuse mistreatment of the next person.

The Cynical Ones.
posted by Michael at