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Sunday, January 11, 2009
12:13 PM

Stan Game Not So Proper


Listen. Im guessing you some pressed queen that aint had no dick in a minute and is fiening but keep Janets name out your mouth mothafucka. Wack ass blog.
I would normally ignore these sort of comments, but since I need to keep the posts coming, I might as well entertain this.

I say this respectfully: Get a life in 2009. I know what it's like to be an eager fan, but seriously, if the celebrity you're stanning for doesn't claim you as a dependent on their taxes, they probably could give two shits about you.

They don't know you're alive, and even if your existence were brought to their attention, they're not hooking you up for defending them on the internet to someone they don't care about either.

Repeat after me, Dioni: "I, Dioni, super stan of Janet Jackson, will stop acting as if Janet Jackson nursed me at birth."

If you're stanning for Janet Jackson in 2009, chances are you remember buying cassette tapes. And if you're old enough to remember that then there's no way in hell I'm taking you seriously simply because I know you're too old to care so much.

Besides if you're going to get e-gully with someone via font, be better at it. A Janet Jackson stan trying to emasculate me doesn't hurt my feelings. No, it makes my dick laugh.

Think of something else to say. I don't know, tell me the next time they play "Feedback" in the club (ha), may I get kicked in the head. Whatever. You get what I'm saying. Or maybe learn to take a joke. Whatever's clever, homie.

Now go forth and have a Happy New Year, Jermaine Dupri and/or Randy Jackson.

The Cynical Ones.
posted by Michael at