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Thursday, April 16, 2009
2:41 PM



Not to sound like an embittered old man, but I have a fear that many people 20 and below are unfortunate idiots.

My niece is 10, but she can read so I’m not worried about her. I’m more concerned about type of the children I remember tutoring during college. The ones that will turn 18 and still likely won’t be unable to pronounce half of the words written in an issue of VIBE.

But, for optimism’s sake, let’s just say Obama and his ‘fancy words’ as some people call them will inspire the youth of America to pick up a muthafuck—book.

Their vocabulary may be enhanced, but will their attitudes? One of the sites I write for has a very young demographic. The way they remix the spelling of words is a dead giveaway.

I really don’t want to rehash the Chrianna debate, but I’m a little put off by the comments of obvious middle and high schoolers.

Here’s one:

I love you chrisbrown… tell that *#$@@ rihanna that i am going to kill her in her sleep… i love you husband….

“Take You Down” is a nice song, but it’s not worth felony death threats.

And another:

“blah blah blah,rihanna need to shut her punk a** up. she been pissin me off for a while now. the b*tch got her ass handed to her. get the hell over it. i dont feel sorry for her. That giant grizzly is the same size and height as him, she got hands, feet and teeth she should got in his a** too. sh*t i feel sorry for chris, sh*t everybody tryin to act like the b*tch didnt do somethin to him. im just sayin, i wish i was rihanna and i was in that car that night. id a beat the yellow piss out that $~**~. choked his ass up, BIT HIS AZZ a few times. F*ck leavin em in the car so he could run off, id a dragged his azz right back to the hotel. he would a seen a real muthaf*ckin goon in action.”

Not only is this girl delusional, but she clearly has an old TV and a computer monitor from 1992. How else can you explain her thinking Rihanna is the same size as Chris Brown?

Girls like her annoy me. “I would’ve done this,” and “I would’ve done that.” Shut up. I’ve already read about how so many young girls side with Chris Brown over Rihanna. I know it’s due to a burgeoning libido and typical brainwashing, but damn, people want to kill her over Chris Brown?

Not to be outdone:

Will aint gay if he was he would act all fruity

These poor little naïve girls. It’s no wonder so many are battered, bruised, and diseased ridden these days.

As for the men, well, you've heard Soulja Boy speak, haven't you? Not to mention all of the Chris Brown apologists who have their own history of bobbing and weaving on females.



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