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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
12:01 AM

Electrikfy Me


I may have given some of you a false perception of me with my most recent posts. I am no prude. I don't have any problem with sexual imagery and subject matter. I think we all have our limits, but don't let my recent rants about Ciara fool you: I like tramps.

It's not Ciara upping the sexual ante that bothered me. No, it was the fact that I thought she was doing it out of desperation. There's nothing worse than finding out someone you thought was appealing in one way or the other is a lame begging for you to love them. There's a thin line between sexy and pitiful. If you remind me of a stray dog looking for a home you're officially as hot as a pack of ice.

But you've read my posts: I grew up in love with Vanity, I broke my iPod dancing to "Sex Shooter," and I've danced to Pissy's "You Remind Me Of Something" while holding a plate of wings in one hand. Then there's my affinity for Beyonce and Rihanna, who are about as chaste as a condom wrapping.

So really, it's not sex; it's the excuses from people who try to sell it that irk me. I am so tired of artists hiding behind alter egos or bullshit stories about how they've suddenly decided they are this sexual being the minute their career starts to tank.

Then there are those who rely mainly on sex. One can be sexy, but if your material is wack I still don't care whose ear you're licking in a video.

This is why I love Electrik Red. They follow the tradition of Vanity and Apollonia. I find their shamelessness refreshing. They're straight up about their slutty subject matter.

And unlike many acts out there spread eagle for the masses, Electrik Red's material lives up to the imagery. Can they sing? Hell no. Does it matter? Not to me.

Not everyone is meant to coo like Mariah Carey. I can understand why some people may feel these girls should be howling at the moon versus the studio. I could care less, though. When I want to hear real vocalists I know who to turn to. When I want to listen to something light hearted at the gym or en route to the club, they fill the void. Tricky and The-Dream have given these girls a well-executed album that's flirty, cocky, and fun. I enjoy the album from beginning to end and it's been a while since I've been able to say that about anyone.

Even in comparison to the non-singing groups that preceded them, their album is far superior. Do any of the members stand out like Vanity and Apollonia? No, but name four songs from each that you really enjoy. And when you come back in 8 days with your answer, I'll still be blasting Electrik Red.

Ya'll give their album a try. I'm glad they took this well with humor, but it was still a little pitiful. You have to crawl before you walk, but since their label isn't really promoting them they're practically set up to never reach their full potential.

I actually went out last nite hoping to run into them at this club. I didn't and I was very disappointed. Insert your "aww," "ha-ha," "that's what your ass gets" right here.

I hit Leslie from the group on Twitter and after I telling her that I missed them, but still planned on actually buying their album she responded with:

RT: @LesleyER: @youngsinick thanks sexy!:) we appreciate it, really!

She called me sexy, which means I like them even more now. That and the fact you can't tell me shit all week.

The Cynical Ones.
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