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Monday, September 14, 2009
2:03 PM



I feel bad for Janet. I can only imagine how many catfish po'boys one of my favorite people in the world passed on just to get close to her normal fighting weight in time to pay tribute to her brother. Yet despite as great a job as she did in honoring the King of Pop she's since been overshadowed by the Queen of Copping An Attitude.

Do I even have to write yet another soliloquy on why Kanye ain't shit for pulling this stunt? Like I tweeted yesterday, ya'll know how queens get about Beyonce. But let this be a lesson to you:

Brown will cause folks to frown. If I were Diddy, last nite I would've got on stage and told folks that's why ya'll shouldn't drink brown liquor as I held a bottle of Ciroc close to my heart.

Though the apology has since been taken down, at least he was quick to acknowledge his wrongdoing. Still, this really didn't change my point of view about him because of this statement:

And in turn a bunch of his stans/enablers respond with, "He just said what we all were thinking."

So? That doesn't mean we should jump on stage and steal someone's moment away when we feel a certain way about it. A teenager's moment at that.

I'm really tired of people who feel they can excuse their antics by claiming to be overcome with emotion. If you have that great a problem containing yourself it's time to look into seeking professional help. Seriously. Get a hug, get some God, get a prescription -- whatever you think will prevent you from looking like an erratic jackass.

MTV Shows

'Ye's second apology is much better:
I feel like Ben Stiller in “Meet the Parents” when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave… That was Taylor’s moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her. I am truly sorry.
This guy is a character. But, he did say he was a pop culture enthusiast, so I'll let him be great...even though he couldn't afford Taylor that same luxury. Shade.

Speaking of shade, didn't Lil' Mama scold that tranny on Dance Bitch Dance (I don't remember the name of the show, sorry) for not being lady like? What's lady like about hopping on stage during someone else's performance like you belong?

This is probably why Bow Wow's parents left his long lost twin sister on that stoop in Brooklyn (ya'll can't convince me those two aren't related or the same person).

Now on to the people who didn't embarrass anyone.

That is, at least not for pulling any dumb moves on stage. Look, I'm not here to try and justify Lady GaGa killing a vulture and demanding that her stylist put it around her neck so wouldn't be able to move it until the next outfit change. Say what you want about her choices in fashion, but the woman can perform.

She is by far the most interesting pop start to come since Madonna. This is exactly why I blogged about her. She's refreshing. She might dress up as a pre-op tranny in a cat suit at the next big award show, but as long as she's singing, dancing, and offering an elaborate stage set up such as the one last nite I'll hand her my pair of socks.

That blood flowing from GaGa can either represent the death of Christina Aguilera's career or my interest in Britney Spears as a performer. Your choice.

As usual Beyonce killed it. I don't care if this is the millionth + seven time Beyonce has performed "Single Ladies." She continually puts her all into her stage act and is by far the best entertainer of the year. And her performance was recession-friendly. No major theatrics, no fireworks -- just hot choreography, a great face, and lots of energy.

I'm also thrilled that she continues to dispel the myth that she is the biggest bitch on Earth. I don't know why people continue to project their own insecurities onto her, but Beyonce constantly reminds people that she is a class act. It's becoming less common for videos to make a fuss in pop culture, so for "Singles Ladies" to dominate the way it did it's only right Beyonce be awarded Video of the Year.

Earlier in the night Beyonce said if she wanted any award it was that so for her to give up her time to let Taylor have her moment says a lot.

And if you don't like well, here you go.

Before we close it out:

Perez has some nerve. He spends day after day throwing salt on Beyonce's name, yet here he is in his mama's old curtains grinning like a fool when in front of her.

Where is that Tyra Banks episode of her wearing her real hair when you need? I thought this girl was making Euros now? That's OK, Kelly. I love you...even if your weave lady doesn't.

I know a Selena sequel is out of the question, but what will it take to get her back to the J.Lo of 2001?

Joe Joe, who this woman?

I initially thought Madonna's intro was a little self-indulgent, but I was honestly paying too close attention to the Tweets. Upon looking it over again, I enjoyed it and I appreciated her sharing something so personal. One thing threw me off upon the second viewing:

Yikes. I don't mind her dressing like an extra on True Blood, because all black fits the occasion, but what's good with her hands? Those are the hands of a woman who helped built the Arc. It's Madonna, though, so I suppose I'll let it slide and look away...fast.

All and all this was the best VMAs in years. I'm not sure if they'll be able to top this considering I didn't know who in the hell half the people nominated for VMAs were and I doubt MTV did either. But let's give them credit where credit is due.

Now let me stop typing before Lil' Mama shows up in my room and hops on my keyboard.

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