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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
2:28 PM

Fox News Hates Black People


Black women: Ya'll are angry, at least according to Fox News. And we all know how credible they are, so tell me, what's with all that rage? Bad perm? Did a curling iron attack you? Do you still not get that bitch and hoe are terms of endearment now? Really, what gives?

What makes you so angry? Is it racism? Sexism? Oh wait, ya'll do have to deal with both, huh? I can only imagine. No wait, I can to a degree. Eh, that's gotta suck.

But c'mon, you have Fox News anchors and commentators worried about you. I'm sure they're truly trying to understand why taking Black slang and using it in an insulting manner might be upsetting to a Black woman (and men). Or why you would roll your neck at Bill O'Reilly when he expressed shock that a restaurant owned by a Black lady named Sylvia could be just like any other Manhattan restaurant, and that no one there was screaming, "M-Fer, I want some more iced tea." (Yes, he really said that.)

Wait, why am I even entertaining these clowns? This is Fox News. If you want to talk anger, explain to me why so many of these wealthy white men are screaming at each other acting like Pablo, Kisha, Jammal, and Muhammad have access to their ATM card? Exactly what does a wealthy white man have to be mad about? They don't use curling irons, do they?

Blah. Why doesn't Fox News just release a press release declaring their disdain Black people and get it over with? That way, we don't have to keep dissecting every instance of racist overtones in their coverage of colored folk?

The Cynical Ones.
posted by Michael at