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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
1:38 PM

I Got A Finger For You


Are some Germans naturally predisposed to pissing off every other race and ethnicity on Earth or do they really not get it?

Sprehe, a German food company are the makers of the Obama-fingers. It's basically chicken strips and some dipping sauce (curry). A spokesperson for the company said:

"We noticed that American products and the American way of eating are trendy at the moment," Judith Witting, sales manager for Sprehe, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "Americans are more relaxed. Not like us stiff Germans, like (Chancellor Angela) Merkel."

Since when is fried chicken trendy eating? If they were basing their products on the trendy eating habits of Americans, they'd be selling Ramen noodles, peanut butter, and fast food off the dollar menu. Pick up a newspaper, Judith and get with it.

Or maybe a history book. It hadn't dawned on anyone in the company that some people may interpret their Obama fingers as them racially stereotyping President Obama.

Judith said: "It was supposed to be a homage to the American lifestyle and the new US president."

The connection between this and fried chicken historically being linked to Black folk in the U.S. never came across her mind. Maybe a pink slip should.

I shouldn't be mad about this. I ought to ignore this for the most part the same way I did the New York Post editorial cartoon. But, I can't help but think I should dip my middle finger in curry sauce, snap a picture of it, and send it to everyone who works at this company.

There had to at least be one person around who thought: "Sie dumm fuhrt." That's German for "you stupid head." Thank you, Google. Too bad I couldn't find a translation for "you's a dumb ass." Or "Black folk 'bout to cuss ya'll smooth out."

It's bad enough we've already made Obama such a commodity to be bought and sold. Between the bootleg t-shirts, handmade dolls, soap-on-ropes, and even thongs I'm getting Obama overkill. He is President of the United States yet the world has turned him into the Beyonce of politics. Any day now someone is going to splice his speeches and put them over soul beats and shill Obama mixtapes. And now, they'll be able to eat chicken with it as they bob their heads.

The worst part of it all is the chicken looks nasty as hell.

The Cynical Ones.
posted by Michael at