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Monday, July 13, 2009
9:56 AM

There Will Be No Encore


Are you starting to suffer from the effects of Michael Jackson fatigue? If so, grab you a pill because this is another MJ-related post.

Look, I was already a huge Michael Jackson stan before he died. My stanism has only heightened following his untimely death. What really makes me sad is after listening to his music (which I played regularly before he died) and watching his old performances it makes me realize there will truly never be another performer like him. It's not something just to say to be nice; it's the truth.

I've been reading list after list from various sites breaking down who could be "The Next Michael." There is no next Michael. Only a bunch of people who are alright but make you yearn for the real thing.

I've read the names floating around, but with respect to each of their talent, none match up and shouldn't be compared to Michael.

1. Beyonce

I read someone say Beyonce is the only artist delivering videos on par with those from the Michael Jackson catalog. As much as I love the "Freak'um Dress" and "Single Ladies" videos, I'm gonna vote no.

That's not a diss to Beyonce, but I think far too many people are so stuck on branding an artist "the next..." that they and their better senses get beside themselves.

2. Janet Jackson

I have never liked comparing Michael and Janet. I love each for different reasons, and their performance styles have some similarities but each are very much their own artist. Besides, that's far too much pressure for Damita Jo to live up to. She's still trying to live up to the standard she set herself. Let's not make it even more difficult for her by trying to get her to fill the void of her brother.

The Jacksons are a talented bunch, but let each do their own thing. No good can really come of any of them attempting to do Mike.

Need I say more?

3. Britney Spears

I like her and wish her well, but to quote B. Scott, "Bitch. Boo. Bye." That poor girl can't even keep up with her Janet Jackson impersonation anymore. The only thing she has that mirrors Michael Jackson's life is the paparazzi swinging from her bra strap. That I hope she handles better than Michael. But as far as keeping up with the Jacksons, yeah, no. Fail whale.

4. Justin Timberlake

I knew this comparison was coming. It's been around since Rolling Stone tried to christen him the new King of Pop. Folks aren't tired of arguing this point in vain yet?

I don't care if he bought Michael's old clothes from a garage sale at Neverland, sang songs rejected by Michael on his debut album, and tries his hardest to sing with that certain hee-hee-hee flair as Michael did he will NEVER be Michael Jackson. He's talented but he's the sequel to Elvis, not Michael 2.0.

5. Usher

I think Usher is the closet thing we have to Michael as far as an artist who can sing and pull off extensive choreography, but vocally he isn't as strong as Michael. As an innovator, he falls short, too. To his credit he has seen his own lookalikes, but it's nothing on par with Michael Jackson. Let Usher be Usher and stop the comparisons.

6. Chris Brown

I appreciate Chris Brown making it acceptable for tall people to dance again, but Michael Jackson at 9 vocally ethers him at age 20.

This is just a rehearsel video and listen to his voice. Case dismissed.

7. Omarion

Second verse, same as the first.

I think Omarion is very underrated when it comes to his dancing. I actually find him to be more fluid than Chris Brown and Usher. But, he makes Chris Brown sound like Donny Hathaway. His second album was good, but the nasally tone in his voice makes it difficult for him to ever have the same effects on people as Michael.

I think people forget that beyond his dancing, Michael was an exceptional vocalist. His ballads alone can move a crowd. I would buy an album full of Michael Jackson ballads. Can you say the same from #'s 6 & 7?

8. Rihanna

Sampling an MJ classic doesn't make you the heir apparent. They are both fashionable and known for their hair styles. That's about it. Whoever thought to compare the two needs to stop eating those random tree berries.

9. Ciara

If you really pay attention to Ciara - at least Ciara when she first hit the scene - her dancing seems a lot more influenced by Michael than Janet. But, now that she's failed using the Madonna hoe route (I like Madonna, but c'mon nah) for success, she's teetering on new school Mya status, not female Michael.

10. Anyone Else You Can Think Of

...don't bother. We will eventually find someone new who will change the game, but as for now, I don't see any of the current players replacing their hero.

Not to mention despite only having a high school education Michael was educated, well read, and quite articulate. Have you listened to interviews with some of the aforementioned artists? Yikes.

And while I have your attention, check out this performance of Michael:

Ya'll are so lucky I couldn't get near his casket. I might have gotten arrested for trying to pull him out.


The Cynical Ones.
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